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Comprehensive tax planning and financial services

  • Organizing closely held corporations

  • Planning for buying and selling a business

  • Advising on corporate and international taxation

  • Developing comprehensive business plans

  • Updating and maintaining financial statements

  • Changing in business ownership

  • Payroll tax guidance

  • Sole proprietorships and corporation help

  • Healthcare practices

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The world of taxation is subject to fads and trends. While "tax shelter partnership", "S Corporation" and " Reit" were once buzzwords of the industry, the hot topics for today's financial advisors are the "LLC" and the "LLP".

Which Is Right For Your Business?

  • A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the various business forms

  • How to form a LLC or LLP

  • Operating issues concerning LLCs and LLPs

  • The termination of interest in the dissolution of LLCs and LLPs

  • Issues affecting distributions from such entities

  • Basis, At-Risk, and Passive activity considerations

No decision is more important than how to structure the purchase or sale of a business and the office of Hy Appelbaum is qualified to coordinate the structure of the transaction. We will advise you to make sure that the proposed transaction is the best transaction for you, and will also advise you on:

Buying and Selling a Business

  • Taxable acquisitions

  • Nontaxable acquisitions

  • Acquisitions involving the liquidation of a corporation

  • Acquisitions involving the redemption of shares

  • Acquiring an interest in an existing corporation or partnership

  • Acquisitions involving S corporations

  • Tax attribute carryovers and limitations

Corporations are unique tax entitles. There is special legislation affecting the taxation of S Corporations and we will provide detailed guidance.

S Corporations

  • Federal income tax considerations of different business forms

  • Qualifying as an S corporations

  • Election of S Corporations status and when to make an election

  • Single class of stock requirements for S Corporations

  • The taxable year for an S Corporations

  • Protecting subchapter S Status for the cooperation

  • Distributions of Cash and Property

  • Transactions with related parties

  • Termination of a S corporation status

  • Passive income from S Corporations

  • Losses from S Corporations

  • Tax treatment of S Corporation stockholders

Closely held corporations present unique tax issues and planning opportunities. Special tax issues and planning opportunities including appropriate straggles for the formation, operation and liquidation of the company need to be addressed. We provide services for:

Closely Held Corporations

  • Transfers to controlled corporations

  • Debt versus equity considerations

  • Section 1244 stock

  • C corporations distributions

  • S corporations distributions

  • S corporations AAA

  • Personal service corporations

  • Buy/sell agreements

  • Stock redemption

Hy Appelbaum, CPA can help assist you in your corporate tax issues and needs. We provide services relating to:

Corporate Taxation

  • Contributions of property to corporations

  • Net operating losses and capital losses

  • Dividends and other distributions

  • Personal holding companies

  • Accumulated earning tax

  • Personal service corporations

  • Reorganizations

  • Complete and partial liquidation's

  • Partnership taxation

  • Contributions of property and services

  • Basis of partners interest

  • Reporting of partnership income guaranteed payments

  • Treatment of liabilities

  • Sales or exchange of partner's interest

  • Distribution of partnership assets

  • Terminating the partnership

Hy Appelbaum, CPA can help assist you your international taxation issues. We provide services for:

International Taxation

  • Income source rules

  • Allocations of deductions

  • Foreign corporations owned by U.S. persons

  • Controlled foreign corporations

  • Taxation of foreign persons with U.S. activities or income

  • Foreign tax credits

Any business needs guidance regarding the statutes affecting the taxation of employee fringe benefits. We provide the information that will help ensure the employers and their employees properly interpret and report employee fringe benefits and income. We provide services for:

Employee Fringe Benefits

  • IRC section 132 income exclusions

  • Dependent care assistance programs

  • Adoption assistance programs

  • Educational assistance programs

  • Qualified tuition reduction programs

  • Employee achievement awards

  • Military benefits

  • Meals and lodging

  • Accident and health plans

  • Group term and split dollar life insurance

  • Employer provided transportation

  • Cafeteria plans

  • Retirement plans

One of the keys to successful business is a well-defined business plan. We will help you with not only the contents of the written plan, but also the planning steps that will leased to a well written plan.

Business Plans

Receive the guidance you need in order to comply with all federal withholding, deposit and reporting requirements. We will complete all necessary forms, FIT, FICA, FUTA, 940,943,945,1099,8027, W2, health, and life insurance benefits, deferred compensations, fringe benefits, company cars, tip reporting, wage garnishment, expense reimbursement, filing corrected forms and more.

Payroll Tax

Since most closely held family businesses don't survive into the second generation. Business owners need guidance leading you through straggles for transferring ownership and management, funding transfers, reviewing buy/sell agreement, Valuing the business, estimating retirement needs, estate planning and much more.

Business Succession Planning

Are your financial statements up to current standards? We prepare financial statements quickly and efficiently to conform with the latest requirements.

Financial Statements